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  Since I have been born again as a Christian, I have been inspired, at various times, by the Holy Spirit, to write some things that people tell me are thought provoking and sometimes inspirational. I am publishing my writings on this web ministry site in the hope that they may uplift someone. Also, you will find Bible Studies designed to bring others to a better knowledge of God, & the love of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

  Chritian Web Ministry (CWM) is split into the following areas:
'Inspirational', which includes thought provoking Christian commentaries & a few poems;
Biblical studies and Beliefs;
and a section containing general information.

  Inspirational includes thoughts concerning my previous lifestyle, things I see going on in the world and some (poetry?), I have written. The tool, that the Holy Spirit had to work with, namely me, limits the quality. Since 1994, Christian Web Ministry Has been updated from time to time as the Spirit leads me on my Christian journey Home.

  Biblical studies and Beliefs, lists areas I have been guided to study and my resulting beliefs. While you may not agree with my beliefs and conclusions, I pray that you will be prompted to study the Bible. God speaks to His children through Holy Scripture.

  The general section contains info about me. My testimony, contact info, guest book, banners to link to Christian Web Ministry, etc

  I do not pretend to be someone special. I am not a perfect being; I am a sinner, saved by Grace. At times, because I still have a worldly body, I fail and become hypocritical. But, I do strive to follow where the Holy Spirit leads me. This inspiration of the Spirit is available to all Christians, if we will only be still and listen.

Translation Tool, Outil De Traduction, ▄bersetzungshilfsmittel, Mezzo Di Traduzione, Herramienta De Traducciˇn, Vertaal Hulpmiddel
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Inspirational & Thought-Provoking   Christian
Bible Studies & Beliefs
Jesus Died on the Cross    Effective Bible Study Basics 
A Christian's Walk    Christian Doctrine of Election site 
House or Home?    Hebrews 1:8 
Trust    John 1:1-3 
The Trumpets Will Sound!    Hebrews 1:9 
Where are Your Riches?    Christian Baptism 
Quarrel    The Trinity 
Kick Me !!    Salvation Lost  
Kites in the Wind    The Second Coming 
Don't Just Talk    Abortion 
A Child's Cry    The Alternative to Salvation 
True Friends    The Feel Good Church 
Our Lighthouse    Angels 
Good Morning    The Old Law 
Mother or Mom?    Universal Salvation 
Thanksgiving    Shepherd & Sheep  
On Board Guidance System    Cost of Salvation 
Serenity    Who is Jesus Christ
 A Matter of Conscience   The Alpha & The Omega
Sticks & Stones   Holy One of Israel 
Christmas Message   God & Jesus
Hypocritical Church   The Creator
    Philippians 2:5-8
    John 20:28-29
    Ho Theos
    Jesus the Creator
    Jesus - Jehovah God
    Mediator, High Priest,
& Head of the Church
    Eternal Security
    Acts 10, Cornelius & his household
    Biblical Process of Salvation
    Doctrine of Election Intro
    Hell Hades Sheol Gehenna
    Eternal Punishment
    Hebrews 6:4-6:6
    Apostle Paul's Salvation Teaching
    One God
    Sound Doctrine
    **Expanded Index**

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