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Hi, my name is Charlie Martin. I have been around since before mud was wet, well since 1948. I was born in Philly, PA to Roman Catholic parents. I was raised in Pine Hill NJ. Like most children born to RC parents I was indoctrinated in that religion for 12 years; graduating from Camden Catholic H,S. in 1966. By that time it had become abundantly clear to me that Church dogma had little to offer in establishing a true relationship with our Heavenly Father so I ended my association with it. My wife of 39 years and I curently live in dizzy-land,  south eastern CA, in what is called the “Inland Empire” with our son, his family, & 4 dogs. We have 3 grown sons and 6 grandchildren. I'm a pretty basic guy who enjoys bible study & research, fishing, reading by audio books, gardening, and doing small building & repair projects around the home. I enjoy country & classical music and the oldies.

My Christian Experience
I was "born-again" when I was in my middle 40's after a lifetime of trying to do things my way. After all, I was the Captain of my ship; I believed that Charles was in charge. My ship turned out to be the Titanic and I found that Charles did a pretty lousy job of being in charge. It wasn't until I contracted a rare eye disease and became legally blind that I actually began to see what was missing from my life. I'm pretty hard headed, and I have to be hit up alongside the head with a 2x4 to get my attention sometimes. So after ignoring many overtures by our Lord & Savior Jesus, I left Him no alternative but to allow me to contract this disease in order to get my attention. He loves me enough to take drastic measures to gather me into His flock and I praise & thank Him for it. My walk with Him has been a trying experience for both of us but it is progressing thanks to His unlimited love, patience, mercy, and forgiveness.

My Beliefs
I believe:
  - in the Triune Nature of God.
  - that Jesus Christ is God incarnate and that the only path to salvation is through Him.
  - that the Bible is God's word and applies today as much as it did when it was written.
  - in salvation by God's Sovereign Grace & Will, and that works are a natural outcome of salvation not a means to obtain it.
  - that God takes an active part in my daily life through the Holy Spirit.
  - that all of God's children are sealed with, and indwelt by, the Holy Spirit.
  - that the Church established by Jesus Christ, the Body of Christ, consists of all the true believers in, & followers of, Jesus.

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