A Child's Cry

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“Be not afraid, for I am always with you.”
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A child's cry in the night
Why did you beat me with all your might?

Was I to blame,
when you stuck my hand in the flame?

Was I so bad that you had to beat?
What did I do for you to mistreat?

Why did you give me that burn
just to make me learn?

Daddy why do you look at me that way?
You know that game I don't like to play!

Why do you lock me away all alone?
Why did you kick me and break my bone?

Why do I live in such a mess?
With not even a clean, untorn, dress?

Why doesn't someone take me away?
So I can be like other children and go out and play?

Why do you yell?
Why do I smell?
Why do we live in this hell?

Why do I fear?
Why do I tear?
Whenever you come near!

Laying there bloody and beaten
For a week not having eaten
A child's cry
As they are about to die
Uttered with one last sigh

Charlie Martin


  Child abuse takes many forms - (Physical, sexual, and emotional). If you are being abused, "It is not your fault!" You did not cause, earn, or deserve the abuse. You do not have to be beaten, abused, neglected, or tormented. There are a lot of people who are ready to help stop the abuse; but you must let someone that you trust (a teacher, nurse, doctor, policeman, minister) know that you are being abused. Below you'll find a link for the "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, where you can get information and help without giving your name.

Tell someone and stop the abuse.

If you know, or suspect, a child is being abused,
If you have been abused in the past,

Report it!!

If you are an abuser,
Stop the Abuse & Get Help!


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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  A Child's Cry is an original work by Charlie Martin and is protected under the copyright laws of the U. S. No commercial use of this work is authorized without the express written permission of the author.
Individuals and organizations are granted permission to reproduce this work for their own, non-commercial, use; and/or to give a copy to a friend or neighbor.

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A Child's Cry
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