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  Today, we often hear of a quarrel escalating into murder, maiming, or injury of one, or more participants in a quarrel; or, even more sadly, of innocent bystanders. Road rage breaks out into a verbal dispute, which ends up with someone dead. Husbands & wives become embroiled in a quarrel, that ends up with one or more family members dead. Human life isn't worth much today & self control seems to be a thing of the past in the "Me Generation." Is it any wonder that more & more quarrels end up with people dying over words.

Consider Godís Word:

- "It is a manís honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel."
Proverbs 20:3
- In James 3:5-6, He compares words to a small spark; and, then points out that a raging forest fire is started by a small spark.
- In James 1:19, He cautions us to
"be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger."

It is interesting to note that
not only means a verbal dispute; but is also the name of the
small deadly arrow
fired by a crossbow.

In the long run, what has a quarrel ever solved?
(For more on the power of words visit Sticks & Stones)

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