Kites In The Wind

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  Have you ever watched a kite flying on a windy day? They swoop, soar, dart back and forth; and, are at the mercy of every gust, eddy, and direction change of the wind. The success of their flight depends upon the experience, knowledge, and skill of their flyer, whether they soar, or crash, is in their flyers hands.

  How like a kite, our lives can be! We flit back and forth, from goal to goal, at the mercy of every change in circumstances. We have ups and downs. We allow people and things to affect our flight plans; so, sometimes we soar and other times we crash. The plain truth is, we are not very good at piloting our lives.

  If we could only learn to fully surrender our lives to the master kite flyer, Our God and Savior; how much different things would be! We would still have ups and downs; yet, He would equip us to deal with them. Each down would not cause us to drop as low as the last one. Each up would allow us to soar higher. When the winds of change buffet us, He has the foreknowledge and plan to keep us flying.

The ultimate outcome of our lives is determined by
our choice of flyers. We can soar ever higher; or, we can

“Crash and Burn”.
The choice is ours!

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Kites in the Wind
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