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  As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we should remember the meaning of this holiday. It is not just a day to watch parades, stuff turkeys and then ourselves, ending up in front of the TV until we overdose on football. It is not just the day which marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping frenzy. It is a holiday established many decades ago by Congress as a national day of thanksgiving to God for all He provides.

  On Thanksgiving Day, many make a special effort to thank God for:
- relationships with family and friends;
- homes and cars;
- financial security;
- career and successes.
Others feel that they have nothing to thank Him for.

  James 1:17 proclaims,
"Every good  and perfect gift is from God."
Therefore, we should thank Him for all that we have. Too often, we forget to thank Him for what we don't see. Things like:
- His great love for His children;
- His amazing grace
- the gift of Salvation (Jesus, God incarnate, taking our place on the cross);
- for not dealing with us as we truly deserve;
- the gift of the in-dwelling Holy Spirit that is given to all His children;
- allowing us to come to Him in prayer knowing that He will answer our prayers in His time, according to His will.

  On Thanksgiving day, and every day, take the time to thank Him for all He provides.

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