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  It is important to web page authors to get constructive feedback from their page visitors. If any of my pages have touched you, please let me know. If you have a question or comment about my writings, please use the e-mail form below.

  I get frequent mail and entries from those who do not agree with what they find on my site; and, that is ok. It seems that some feel better when they vent their spleen by belittling me, calling me names, & being sarcastic, and/or critical of my beliefs. However, I hope you realize that you are wasting your time, as such mail & entries are deleted. While it is true that the Bible states that there is only "One Faith", since we are human we can have different view points of what that faith encompasses.

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Thanks for taking the time to visit.
Charlie Martin, aka acharlie


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Thank you for taking the time to visit
Charlie Martin
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