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  Like most of you, I have spent a lot of time digging through search engine results trying to find on-line & downloadable bible study utilities & programs; web page backgrounds; Christian-oriented clip art, images, or MIDi files. Too much time can be wasted on dead and inappropriate links. In an attempt to help others save time, I have published the links, which I have found useful. As time goes by, I will be adding to these links.

I have divided the links in to 5 sections:
1. Bible Study Tools & Aids
- - Sites providing on-line Bibles, Concordances, Lexicons, & Commentaries. Also an excellent free, downloadable, customizable Bible browser and study program.
2. On-Line Christian Programs & Messages
- - Sites that offer sermon and/or Message series.
3. Christian Graphics
- - Web sites providing quality graphics (clip art, images, & page backgrounds, including some with animated Gifs.
4. Christian MIDI Sites
- - Sites providing Christian hymns & music MIDI files. (Traditional, Contemporary, & Gospel)
5. Christian Page Links
- - From time to time, I get requests from others to post a link to their web pages on my site.

Bible Study Tools & Aids   Programs & Messages
Bible Place   Grace & Truth Net
Bible Pathways   Turning Point for God
Holman Christian Standard Study Bible On-Line   Truth For Life
The Spurgeon Archive  
The KJV On-Line  
Postmodern Bible Dictionary  
e-Sword Bible Utility  
Bible Pro  
The Lord's Prayer  
Dave's Bible Quizzes  
Christian Graphics   Christian MIDI's
Atlantic Fish  
Upon this Rock   Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary
Christian Images   Cyber Hymnal
In His Image   Hymn
Barry's Clip Art
Christ Art  
Heartlight Gallery   Praise & Worship MIDI's
Praise Clip Art   New & Old Songs....MIDI Hymns
Jagnow Galleries   God's Gospel Music
Brinney's Christian Graphics   Christian MIDI   Christian Teen's Net
Bible Picture Gallery   Christian MIDI Search Engine
Fill the Void   Mega Christian MIDI's
Mom of 9's Graphics  
For His Glory  
Free Christian Images  
Morning Star Graphics  
Christian Border Designs  
Carol's Christian Grahics  
Daily Truth Wallpaper  
Cool Text  

The Christian Counter

Christian Web Page Links
A Hard Look at Christian Churches
The Way Station
Lorraine's Corner
Jesus Love
The Cry of the Heart
Amazing Bible Organization
(Bible Mega site with nearly 6,000 pages)

Sovereign Grace Chapel
(recorded sermons & messages)


(Outstanding resource for teens)

Highly Recommended Christian Sites
Albatros Gif Albatrus Org.
These three sites are completely Bible-based. They offer an extensive collection of informative articles, commentaries & Scriptural studies.
Useful Sites
E-Greeting Cards at
Very good selection of quality E-greetings for most occassions

To request a link, report a broken link, add a favorite link, please contact me acharlie.

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