The Trumpets
Will Sound


"As the six angels of the Lord
Blew their trumpets, in turn;
Various calamities happened
On the Earth, and in the skies.
When the seventh trumpet was
Sounded the kingdom of the
World was ended."
(Paraphrased from)
The Book of Revelations

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The time is coming when we will hear the 7th trumpet sound;
A time when the whole world will stop going around.
A time when the glory and majesty of Our Lord will astound,
As we all stand on New Jerusalemís mound;
Some to receive a crown,
While others into the pit are bound!
As this time rapidly approaches,
More evil into this world encroaches.
Satan and his agents abound,
All people they are determined to hound.
A Savior waits to be found,
with blessings and power, believers He will surround.
So, as evil in this world spreads like cancer,
All should realize that,
Jesus is the only answer!


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The Trumpets Will Sound" is an original work by Charlie Martin and is protected under the copyright laws of the U. S. No commercial use of this work is authorized without the express written permission of the author. Individuals and organizations are granted permission to reproduce this work for their own, non-commercial, use; and/or to give a copy to a friend.


Any inspiration that you may find in my musings can only be credited to the Holy Spirit. Any failings, which you may find, are due solely to the poor quality tool (namely me) that the Spirit had to work with.

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The Trumpets will sound
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