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  I made the mistake of joining the Cybergrace Banner Exchange. Being naive, I figured it operated the same way other Christian Banner Exchanges do. You know, for a certain number of clicks on the banners they display on your page, they will display your banner somewhere on their network and someone clicking on your banner would be directed to your site. Well, they got part of the deal right. Cybergrace displayed banners on my page. I have no idea if they ever displayed mine. What I found was that no matter whose banner was displayed on my page the ONLY site you were taken to was Christian

  In my estimation, the Cybergrace Banner Exchange is nothing more than an advertising ploy for Christian Singles.Com. Yes, they exchange banners but it is no use to you to have your banner displayed only to have anyone clicking on it taken to Christian Singles.Com.

  Cybergrace Banner Exchange & Christian are all about anything but Christian values. They engage in under-handed, deceptive, practices to further their own ends.

If you are thinking about joining
Cybergrace Banner Exchange
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