Who is Jesus Christ?

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  "Who is Jesus Christ?" A fairly straightforward question. Yet, the answer depends upon, who you ask. Much division concerning who Jesus is/was exists between believers & non-believers alike. A listing of some of the answers includes:
He was fictional,
just a good man or historical figure,
a prophet,
the Messiah,
a god,
Almighty God,
It all depends upon a person's beliefs how they view Jesus. Even among those claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ, Christians, divisions exists about who He is/was. It is this last group that this study is primarily designed for. Of course, others may also find this study informative.

  It would be possible to fill several hundred pages on the subject of Jesus Christ; however, I will try to limit myself. On the following pages, I will attempt to give an overview on the matter of Jesus Christ, and who he is.

  While going through this study of Jesus Christ, I ask that you would put aside your preconceptions, & any denominational dogma, & any preconceptions you might have. Open yourselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and of Scripture. I will attempt to let Scripture speak for itself, without interjecting my own beliefs, and opinions.

  While there is some historical evidence concerning the existence of Jesus, the main source of information concerning Him is, quite naturally, the Bible. Many beliefs about Him are on a spiritual level, hence Scripture provides a wealth of information, & revelation, concerning Him.

Following is a list of this studies pages
(The last link is a much more scripturally intensive study of Jesus.)
Mediator, High Priest & Head of the Church
Hebrews 1:8

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Who is Jesus Christ
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