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Bible study tools are a necessity for effective Bible study. Below you will find links for free resources available to aid your studies. All links, with the exception of the last 2 links, are on-line utilities. The last 2 are free downloadable Bible Study programs.

Holman Christian Standard Bible with notes
      On-line Study Bible with notes, concordance, commentary. Customizable to allow you to keep your own notes about verses and chapters.

Bible Pathway.Org
      On-line Bible study with commentary in 10 different languages. Structured as a 15 minute a day reading, leading to a complete reading of the Bible in a year. A good starting place for beginners to get in the habit of establishing a study system. Relying solely on the commentaries provided is not recommended as an adequate program of study.

KJV On-line
      On-line Bible browser and search utility by the Electronic Text Center of the University of VA. Includes the option to view side-by-side comparison between the KJV and the RSV.

      An extremely versatile on-line study site. Browse, study, and search the Bible in 17 versions, including 'Young's Literal Translation'; also, has the option of using either the KJV or RSV keyed to 'Strong's Concordance. The site also provides a large selection of study tools.
    - Interlinear Bible
    - The ability to compare 2 translations of scriptural verse at the same time.
    - 12 different Commentaries keyed to the verse or chapter that you are studying.
    - 4 various Concordances
    - 6 Bible Dictionaries
    - A scriptural Encyclopedia
    - 2 Lexicons

E Sword
      This is a very versatile free bible study program download. It is comparable to extremely expensive Bible software. It is the main program, which I use, for off-line study and research. It is an easy to use, customizable, program with browse, search, and other options, that is safe to download The basic E Sword program comes with the KJV annotated to Strong's numbers, Strong's Concordance, and Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary. This program allows you to compare various Bible versions with a mouse click. It has a 4 part browser window, which allows you to display Bible chapters, with commentaries and concordance dictionaries, displayed on the same screen and keyed to the verse you select. Also, it has two note pads, one keyed to chapt. & verse and one general. Depending upon your internet connection, it may take awhile to download but it is well worth the time. After you have downloaded the basic program you are able to down load any, or all, of the following add-ons at no cost:
    - 26 Bible Versions
    - 35 Bible language translations
    - 15 Commentaries
    - 12 Dictionaries
    - 29 extra references

Bible Pro
      Another free downloadable Bible study program. The following are provided with the free download:
- Bibles
    KJV & ASV
- Commentaries
    Darby's Commentary & Spurgeon's Morning & Evening Devotionals
- References
    Easton's, Smith's, & Hitchcock's Bible Dictionaries; KJV Words & Names Dictionaries; Torrey's & Nave's Topical Indicies.
A CD add-on to the program is available containing 43 Bibles, 250,000 Commentaries, & 1,750,000 References. The CD is free but you pay a small fee of $8.95US for shipping, handling, etc.

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